Things are looking up

So, Justin starts his job on Monday, thank goodness, and I am actually going to be getting a job too. I'm going to be working part time midnights at a local fast food place. Not glamorus, but a chance to get out of the house some, and to earn some money for myself. I haven't had spending money in over two years, so I am really looking forward to it.

In other good news, I've started going to a gym. I'm going to try to go 5 days a week (no weekends). I'm really enjoying it, and they have a daycare there so I get a small break from the children. It really makes me feel like i'm working towreds bettering myself, wich is something I need at this point. My friend Jenny is my workout buddy, and I think Justin will be coming with me some too, wich means i have people to help keep me motivated. I'm so glad.

The kids are doing well too. Tristan moved into the crib this week, and is now sharing a room with his sister. The first night she didn't even notice, but she was very upset when I laid him down for his nap the next day. She told me that it was her bed and Tristand was not allowed to sleep in it. She does seem to have gotten over it now though and things are going pretty smoothly. Mr. Tristan has learned to self sooth! This is probably the most exciting news and it means is now only getting up once at night to eat. He sucks on his fist and puts himself back to sleep, wich means I get to sleep for good 6 hour streatches. Its so great! I can also put him down awake-but-sleepy and he will put himself to sleep. Aislyn didn't do anything like it untill she was 6 months old and we discoverd the blanky.

Finally, a really happy post.


MamaSnapped said...

WOOOOOHOOOOO for the jobs!! I know that is a relief to you both!!!!

I hope you love the gym!!! I miss going but just can't afford to go back... membershipwise or gas to get there wise... lol.