So, we survived Justin's first week back to work! I hate how long his hours are, and the house is definatly not as clean as I would like it to be, but we are surviving. I'm figuring it all out I think. Trying to get down a routine.


soooo tierd

I have been a busy busy girl the last few day. I've been working out every day, at least once a day, and the van is broken so i've been getting up early to drive him to work. I don't even know what all i've been doing, all I know is i feel like I haven't sat down since I wrote that last post.

I'm very sore from all my working out. I actually hit the gym twice yesterday, and me and Dh officially signed up, so I am now a gym member. That means I have to keep myself motivated and keep going because we pay for it either way. Lol. I'm hoping I can keep myself going 5 days a week, although its getting harder already as I am EXHAUSTED right now. Aislyn does not want mommy to take a nap either.

Today is Tristan's hip ultrasound at 1. I'm nervous. I really hope everything comes out okay and they say he is perfect. No mommy wants anything to be wrong with their baby. He is still sleeping his 6 hours a night, and I am grateful. Aislyn, unfortunatly, is not anymore. She is up a couple times a night. I'm hoping that ends soon. I really don't know what to do about it.

Mr. T is the sweetest little baby. We got him a mirror toy and he just lays on the floor and talks to himself. Its so cute. He loves to just be talked to and loved on. The only problem is this means less time for Aislyn lovins, for which I feel very guilty. I know it will get better when he is older, but for now its rough.


Things are looking up

So, Justin starts his job on Monday, thank goodness, and I am actually going to be getting a job too. I'm going to be working part time midnights at a local fast food place. Not glamorus, but a chance to get out of the house some, and to earn some money for myself. I haven't had spending money in over two years, so I am really looking forward to it.

In other good news, I've started going to a gym. I'm going to try to go 5 days a week (no weekends). I'm really enjoying it, and they have a daycare there so I get a small break from the children. It really makes me feel like i'm working towreds bettering myself, wich is something I need at this point. My friend Jenny is my workout buddy, and I think Justin will be coming with me some too, wich means i have people to help keep me motivated. I'm so glad.

The kids are doing well too. Tristan moved into the crib this week, and is now sharing a room with his sister. The first night she didn't even notice, but she was very upset when I laid him down for his nap the next day. She told me that it was her bed and Tristand was not allowed to sleep in it. She does seem to have gotten over it now though and things are going pretty smoothly. Mr. Tristan has learned to self sooth! This is probably the most exciting news and it means is now only getting up once at night to eat. He sucks on his fist and puts himself back to sleep, wich means I get to sleep for good 6 hour streatches. Its so great! I can also put him down awake-but-sleepy and he will put himself to sleep. Aislyn didn't do anything like it untill she was 6 months old and we discoverd the blanky.

Finally, a really happy post.


Woo hoo!

Justin got a job! He's going to be installling cable again, wich sucks because he hates that job, but there will be income again! Hooray!

On the other hand, i'm a little nervous about taking care of both chldren on my own. I've had his help for two months now! I'm sure i will get the hang of it, but it is a bit scary for now. Any tips? I could use them!



He came home at 4 in the morning with his mind changed. I have no idea whats going on in my life anymore.

Justices party went well. She had such a great time.

Things are better today I guess. I'm going out to get a part time job. Not fantastic one, but money is money. My friend Heather is manager at a Mc Donalds, so i guess I will be flipping burgers. I'm a little heartbroken over leaving my babies at home without me. Expecially because Tristan has been refusing a bottle. I just don't know what else to do at this point though.


Bad day

Things are bad. Justin says he is leaving. That sucks alot.

Tomorrow is Justices birthday, and then.. i don't know. I guess we put in our 30 day notice for the complex.

This had been an aweful month.


Its been a long time

Sorry about the long gap between posts there. Things have been going crazy in my life a bit.

I did not get into the nursing program. I'm dissapointed, but try try again. My GPA was a 3.6 and the lowest they ended up accepting was 3.7, so i'll just retake my B classes and re-apply.

Justin is still unemployed. I guess they interviewed 200 people and hired 18. I don't know what we're going to do. The money is quickly running out. I don't know where we'll go. I'm very stressed out about this.

Good news is the kids health insrance is back on track finally. The bad news is they didn't date it back the three months they were supposed to, so I owe something like 400$ in medical bills for Tristan.

Anyways, since we did get Tristan's card I was able to take him to his 2 months appointment. He's 24 in and 11lbs 13oz. Growing like a weed! He also got 4 shots, screamed the whole time, and all the way out to the parking lot. Poor baby. The doctor said we need to get an ultrasound on his hips as I guess they are not sure they are growing correctly, so that is on the 23rd. She did say that if there is a problem it is easily correctable, so i guess i'm not that worried about it.

The laptop is broken, thats another rearson i've been on alot less. And a basic bout of depression that just makes me not feel up to it. So stressed.