soooo tierd

I have been a busy busy girl the last few day. I've been working out every day, at least once a day, and the van is broken so i've been getting up early to drive him to work. I don't even know what all i've been doing, all I know is i feel like I haven't sat down since I wrote that last post.

I'm very sore from all my working out. I actually hit the gym twice yesterday, and me and Dh officially signed up, so I am now a gym member. That means I have to keep myself motivated and keep going because we pay for it either way. Lol. I'm hoping I can keep myself going 5 days a week, although its getting harder already as I am EXHAUSTED right now. Aislyn does not want mommy to take a nap either.

Today is Tristan's hip ultrasound at 1. I'm nervous. I really hope everything comes out okay and they say he is perfect. No mommy wants anything to be wrong with their baby. He is still sleeping his 6 hours a night, and I am grateful. Aislyn, unfortunatly, is not anymore. She is up a couple times a night. I'm hoping that ends soon. I really don't know what to do about it.

Mr. T is the sweetest little baby. We got him a mirror toy and he just lays on the floor and talks to himself. Its so cute. He loves to just be talked to and loved on. The only problem is this means less time for Aislyn lovins, for which I feel very guilty. I know it will get better when he is older, but for now its rough.