Check in.

I know its been along time. things have been very hard around here the last few weeks. Being a single mom is HARD. I'm so tierd. The kids have had colds, and hear infections, and now it looks like Mr. T has pink eye. I keep getting migranes, and there is a sore on my stomach that isn't going away, i don't know what it is, it just keeps getting worse.

On the upside. We're getting used to living at my dads. We have out own living room, and two bedrooms in the basement. One for me, one for the kids. We finally got our assistance set up, so daycare is being paid for. I got a car that works from my friend heather, Work has been supportive.

Justin and me are unlikely to work things out at this point. He doesn't help. He can't even help by picking up Aislyn from daycare the two days a week i need him to. He was going to have them on his day off, but now he's not even doing that. He told me last night he will see them when he wants to see them. Isn't that convienient for you.


MamaSnapped said...

I hate that his being a PITA. I'm glad things are working out with you staying at your dad's place.

You can do it!!!

MamaSnapped said...

that "his" should be "he's".

Lateshia said...

Well I am glad that things are working out okay. Sorry its hard and that someone isn't cooperating. You are a strong girl though.

Anonymous said...

Wow this is messed up didn't know she talked so bad about a great person. She didn't tell anyone she was cheating on him from the beginning of their relationship until the end! The babies might not be his. She is feeding everyone lies! I just can't believe what she is putting him through. :( Very sad :(